R. Kiran Khan

Unread Magazine.

Website Development

Unread Magazine is a UK  – an international community based; online magazine that features and motivate creative and talented people around the world. My mission was to design  and develop them a new website.

Link to Website
Research, Wireframing, Sitemap, Frontend & Backend Development
Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, CMS (WordPress)

The aim here was to design a clean and beautiful brochure style website with a magazine feel to it. I worked on the website structure and content. The sitemap was purposely kept small and shallow to ensure that the website could be quickly and easily navigated. I sketched out some initial concepts and wireframes and discussed them with the client to ensure that we were both on the same page.

The main aim was to create a beautiful website that showcases the vision of the magazine. Once the client was happy with the initial direction, I moved into Photoshop to put some concepts together based on the brand and initial sketches.

The homepage is centred around blog posts slider with the main website sections positioned underneath. The content page has a similar layout with a strong focus on the content.

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