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SleepGuru is a Campaign that aims to bring awareness and provide a solution to people who are interested in maintaining a healthier lifestyle and want to improve their sleep and change their habits.

Project’s Aim

The aim of this project is to bring awareness and provide a solution to a self-defined target audience. The intended target audience is full-time professionals, between 25 to 45 years of age, who are interested in maintaining a healthier lifestyle but have a very busy lifestyle.

The main objective is to raise awareness about the importance of sleep. Another primary goal is to promote changing behaviour through a digital app. The aim is to produce an awareness campaign and a tool to train those people who do not prioritise their sleep and have problems with quality sleep.

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RSA Design – Sleep Matters (Self-Negotiated)
Research, Branding, Wireframing
User Flows, User Testing Prototyping
November 2017 - January 2018
Sketch, Invision App, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress
Semi-Finalist by Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018

Secondary Research.

Sleep is an essential part of life. However, sleep deprivation affects people on several levels such as emotionally, physically and mentally. And can result in longterm physical and mental problems.

There are many reasons of lack of sleep such as a poor sleeping environment, excessive worrying, exposure to technology and other negative stimulants. Some studies indicate that high-tech products including mobile phones are causing a disturbance which emit radiation and are considered to be very dangerous. Smart-phones also increase anxiety levels because users are constantly alert for calls or messages during the night.

According to the survey report, no less than 50% of the UK’s population is actually suffering from some kind of sleeping disorder. The objective of the RSA brief is to develop a system, service or product which has an objective to improve personal well-being and the overall health of people and this will be accomplished simply by encouraging people to sleep better.

In order to succeed it is important to consider other solutions besides the standard solutions which are in use at this point in time and it is important to take a fresh look at exactly how to sleep impacts upon the health of target audience.

 Survey Result: (Sleepio Report 2012, 2017)

This project is researched and looked at the results which has been obtained from questionnaires and surveys. I also looked at environmental pressures, science results, religious and cultural issues and many other contributing factors. In order to fully understand all of the issues and the challenges involved, establishing users’ persona of target audience were very helpful to identify some of the underlying problems and to ultimately find the correct solution.


The Concept

The idea is to change the behaviour of user through the mobile app and desktop app. During the design process, I paid special attention to user interface and usability standards, making the app design easy to read.

The interaction concept is developed on the basis of requirements and scenarios, establishing users’ persona and several wire-frames were drawn to visualize the design concept.

The design concept is simple and bold and aesthetically appealing. The idea is to change the behaviour of user through the mobile app and desktop app. During the design process, I paid special attention to user interface and usability standards, making the app design easy to read.

Throughout the development process, an innovative product with a user-friendly interface, colours, layout and typography has been used in order to ensure this appeal to the target audience.


The colour palette is simple and relates to my concept of night and day. Midnight-blue refers to a very dark shade of blue and resemblance to a moonlit night sky. Orange shade is an energetic colour, often associated with the warmth and change.


The identity is built based on a simple Proxima Nova typeface. It is strong and effective as it reflects the ‘awareness’ aspect which relates to the content of the app. I have used sans serif Lato typeface for mobile app and website, as sans serif typefaces are easy to read on digital devices. I have also used an attractive monoline
and script typeface; Sacramonto for slogan and website’s headings.


The layout of screens is simple, modern, clean and contemporary style positioned with all elements in similar places to show a relation and uniformity between each screen. I have followed the principles of material design and applied to the visual content. The design of sleep mode screen is inspired by ‘Clock’ app produced by Apple.

Low Fid Wireframes

An Awareness
This project aim to provide a viable solution which will promote behaviour change and educate people to make effective and lasting changes. The challenge is to encourage target audience to change their routines by stop working ‘unhealthy hours’ and adopt better sleeping habits.

Time Out
The time-out solution has proven to be very effective in reminding the computer uses to take break and quit for sleep to give body and brain the time to recuperate.

Writing Tasks
Right after the time out screen the user will be encouraged to compile a ‘to do’ list on the screen. This is an excellent way to alleviate all the stress and stop the ‘racing mind’ before sleep.

Sensor Alarm
Another objective of this campaign is to encourage people to keep electronic devices away from the bedside and consider using analogue clock alarms while sleeping.

Take Power Nap
Taking a short nap is a practice which has its roots in many religions and cultures and it has been practiced for thousands of years. Modern-day scientists have now recommended this solution and they are encouraging people to cultivate this habit by simply taking a short nap to alleviate mental stress.

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