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Cosmos App - Refugees' Stories

A self-negotiated project – Cosmos – a platform that helps bringing people together. A community based mobile app, targeted specifically for people beyond borders, that allows immigrants and refugees to share their personal true stories.

These true stories will be read by people from all walks of life, ordinary people, journalists, professionals, politicians and even by evil minded person around the world.

Cosmos – may allow us to get connected with real people, to build trust and relationship. The app allows migrants to describe their incidents through images, videos and writing in their own words.

After going through the true stories of many of these migrants; it may take us bu surprise and cause to change our behaviour and better understanding towards them. It may create a behaviour to welcome immigrants whole-heartedly by expressing emotions for their acceptance and by sending them motivational quotes, gifts and donations to help and encourage them to start a new peaceful life.

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Cosmos App - Refugees' Stories
Cosmos App - Refugees' Stories

Self Promotion & Identity Design

In the context of graphic designing, some designers are very successful and others have difficulty to get noticed in the creative industry. It has been observed by the current study that it’s all about branding and building a name for oneself. After some research on other successful practitioners, I found that everyone has their own preferences and practitioners to things in a way that works for them.

My understanding to the context leads me to concllude the tht designer’s nrand must express visual elements and communicate own personality through a particlaur piece of self-promotion work. It’s really hard to have the best user experience it the best design in a way that everyone likes, especially when trends are changing rapidly and a client is looking for something that is so subjective.

My aim is to promote my identity towards new media industry. I want to work as a digital designer and my portfoloo and CV should help to showcase my style and work.

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Medical App Concept

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UX/ UI Design (Mobile)

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