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Self-Negotiated (Individual)

bSafe is a Self Negotiated project – An ‘Emergency Alert/ First Aid’ and an Awareness Campaign. bSafe is designed with a new idea of ‘Hands-Free’ distress signal feature (via Voice Control System & GPS Live Tracking) and an ‘awareness’ campaign for emergency situations.

The App is designed to help people react and follow logical steps and to do right things in right order. Meanwhile getting help quickly from a direct line. bSafe project was selected as a semi-finalist by Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) in May’ 2018.

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Research, Branding, Wireframing, Prototyping
Target Audience:
The general public, elderly people, teenagers, medical staff, safety and security members
January - March 2017
Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro
Semi-Finalist by Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018

Secondary Research.

The visual appearance and user response to product visual form within the context of an integrated conceptual framework. Particularly research on the user behaviour, situational and cultural factors that moderate response.

The aim was to produce a distress signal feature and an ‘awareness’ campaign for an emergency situations and to help people react and follow right in an unfamiliar situation. Following the logical steps and to do right things in right order and getting help quickly from a direct line.

In some serious situations you don’t have time to react or you are unable to reach to your mobile phone. bSafe allows you to raise alarm and notify your emergency contacts by sending the distress signal without even touching your mobile or pressing the home-button. All you would need to do is just saying the word loudly ‘Help’.

The App recognises your recorded voice via voice control system and will automatically send distress signal to your emergency contacts and to the Emergency Helpline. With the help of GPS your location will be shared with your emergency contacts and helpline. The design aim is also to activate background audio recording and photo capture while the panic mode is on.

User Experience
The navigation system is designed with clear typography, clean interface, and visually pleasing. Flat Line Iicons were designed to focus more on the content and action, without distracting the user from the visual effects

app flow.

User Experience
Interactions are based on a human-centred design concept. The navigation icons and sliding menu in vertical will make the navigation much better for user experience. The main purpose was to create a user-friendly navigation.


bSafe is a solution to these problems which ensures the safety of victims as well as notify the concerned authorities in case of an emergency situation. The app allows to send Hands-Free distress signal via Voice Control System. While enabling ‘Live Tracking’ feature, it allows share live tracked outdoor movement. bSafe app enable users to raise ‘Panic Alarm’ or ‘Fire Alarm’ to notify emergency contacts and helpline.

The App will share location via GPS with emergency contacts and Police or with Fire-brigade in case of fire. The built-in system of smoke- detector will allow detecting smoke. bSafe will also create an awareness campaign on First Aid training.

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