R. Kiran Khan

About Me.

I work full-time as a Senior UX/UI Designer for the world’s first global, multi-award-winning, experiential advertising Agency; responsible to design for leading companies and brands, including American Express, Janssen, Redbird, Wimbledon, Chevrolet, SAP Arena, Dyson and Verizon; creating user experience and user interface designs, working on UX research methods and creating brands.

I am mainly responsible for leading UX research methods, creating functional solutions and complex digital products including UI for mobile/ web & SaaS applications, game design, webVR, VR/ AR, testing usability with users, and designing user-centric experiences.

I pursued a Master of Science degree in User Experience Design with distinction from Kingston Univerity, London; specialising in emerging technologies. I previously earned a BA degree in Graphic Design with first-class honours.

I’m driven primarily by my desire to learn new things, come up with new creative ideas, solve complex problems and overcome new challenges. As a designer, I’ve always been motivated by creative projects and teamwork.

I’m honoured to have been awarded 1st place in the Toptal first-ever global Hackathon in November 2022 – competing with 298 participants and 30+ teams from around the world.

My skills have been also recognised and awarded (finalist and semi-finalist) in the past by Creative Conscience and Adobe Design Achievement Awards for three of my independent projects based on thorough research with users and innovatively designed digital products for social impact, mental health and self-identity.

Beyond my passion for design and the creation of thoughtful and innovative products, I am passionate about photography, painting, cycling and reading educational books.

I am immensely proud to work on projects for these brands as a Senior UX/UI Designer

Kiran has exemplary skills as a designer, balancing the functional and usability aspects with an artistic flair. When she first demonstrated her prototype to the team hear at Mapp, the most commonly used word was "beautiful". That's quite something! I also never knew anyone who fitted into a team quite so quickly and easily as Kiran. She also has a real ethical/considerate nature that comes through in how she interacts with people inside and outside the company. A true pleasure to work with.

Andrew B. ~ Senior Director of Product Management at Mapp Digital

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